Winter Litter (2022)

These pictures are of the litter from Blue Ridge’s Lady Willow and Lord Tucker of Loudoun, born January 26th of 2022.

These pictures are of their 7 week old birthday on Wednesday 3/16/2022. They are definitely growing fast. I have to refill their water daily, and they are going through 6 or 7 large bowls of dog food per day.

Here they are, 6 weeks old today 3/9/22. They moved out to a larger area so they’ve got a bit more room to play.

Here are a few pictures of the 3 females, for the people that called wanting to know what they look like. Sorry, but I couldn’t get them to pose for the pictures.

They’re just over 4 weeks old in these 2 pictures. Now they’re eyes are all the way open, they’re starting to be weaned, and they’re spending less time sleeping.

The puppies are just over 3 weeks old in the pictures below. They’ve just opened their eyes and started walking. They still spend 90% of the time asleep or feeding.

Below is the litter when they were 4 days old.

Lord Tucker of Loudoun and Blue Ridge’s Lady Willow

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